Why do the papers hate us?

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The tragic death of a 15 year old schoolgirl has shocked the British population in this past week. Shereka Fab-Ann Marsh, from Hackney, East London, died from a single gunshot wound to the neck.

I first saw the news reported in the Metro newspaper, and was shocked to see the picture of Shereka that they used to accompany the story. A Facebook tribute page was set up in honour of the schoolgirl, with pictures available to be taken and used by the newspapers. Instead of using a photograph that represented Shereka’s true personality, the Metro chose the one photograph that could possibly show Shereka in a negative light, wearing a necklace engraved with the moniker ‘Trust No Bitch’. This got me thinking, why would they possibly use that picture when there were so many other more appropriate pictures that could’ve been used? It reminded me of a similar case back…

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The not so winter blues

This week is supposedly the most despondent one of the year for Great Britain, however my own January Blues don’t go much further than the odd exam or assignment and discovering you are actually supposed to continue shaving your legs throughout winter. Anyway, I digress…I thought I’d share with you a new found love of mine in the form of foundation. My skin is normal/combination but sensitive. I’ve tried so many foundations (perks of my previous beauty advising jobs) including Dior Nude in shade 020. This foundation looks amazing on, it’s fairly long-wearing, gives a dewy finish and has a light to medium buildable coverage (and here comes the ‘but’) but after many uses, my skin just couldn’t get used to it and I believe it to be down to the fragrances they add. You’ll find that most premium brands such as Dior and Chanel do tend to over-fragrance their products unnecessarily to give you ‘a more luxury experience’ but personally, there’s nothing luxury about itchy and irritated skin, so in the words of Simon Cowell, it’s a no from me.

Following this disappointment, I went on to try Benefit Oxygen Wow in Honey. I instantly noticed the fragrance was minimal and another bonus was that it was oil-free. Coverage is again light to medium but more on the light side. The initial result is impressive! Your skin looks healthy, glowing and very much like you got your eight hours sleep (which for most of us is a rarity). Despite this, it seems to go downhill after a few hours. The dewiness turns to shine and I felt the need to reapply every few hours, even with a primer and setting powder. So, in all my efforts of making it work, it just didn’t. However, don’t disregard this one without trying it, I’d like to add that this foundation looks great and lasts incredibly on my friend that has been blessed with the flawless skin of a newborn. I’m not jealous at all.

Just when I began to give up hope, I stumbled across a YouTube blogger singing the praises of MAC Pro Longwear foundation. I’d always avoided trying MAC foundation as the reviews seemed poor compared to others, especially on their Studio Fix, which is apparently great if you enjoy ‘smothering’ and ‘suffocating’ your skin. Anyway, I tried Pro Longwear (NC25) and I was pleasantly surprised! It gave a good medium coverage, didn’t dry or irritate my skin and lasts exceptionally well! Although it’s fairly mattifying, you can compensate with a good brightening primer (Benefit’s That Gal or MAC Strobe Liquid) and the use of a highlighter (Benefit’s WattsUp or MAC Soft and Gentle Skinfinish). Suitable for both daytime and nights out, it’s a clear winner.

I hope this has been helpful and please feel free to comment for a review of any other premium brand foundation/product, I have tried most!

MAC-Pro-LongwearBenefit Oxygen Wow Foundation

Dior Nude Foundation

This is amazing for applying foundation, especially those with medium or full coverage. Run under the tap then squeeze first to avoid it soaking up too much product (god forbid) then taking the foundation onto the sponge, press into the skin for a well-blended, flawless finish

This is amazing for applying foundation, especially one with a medium or full coverage. Run under the tap then squeeze first to avoid it soaking up too much product (god forbid) then taking the foundation onto the sponge, press into the skin for a well-blended, flawless finish.